Friday, October 25, 2013

Diamond Candles--a ring in every candle!

One day I got an email about Diamond Candles, a product I'd never heard of before.

If you haven't heard of them, then trust me. It's your lucky day. Especially if you love all-natural soy candles in a variety of great scents! Not to mention rings!

Yes, there really is a ring in every candle, worth at least $10 and up to $5000.00 dollars. That's not a typo. 5k dolares, peeps. (Did I ever tell you I could have minored in Spanish in college? Well, I still remember a few words haha).
So last week I got a Cranberry Chutney candle in the mail. Smells soo yummy. I burned it for about two hours and then I was able to get the ring out. Your ring will be near the top, double-wrapped in a tiny ziploc bag and then gold foil. (No wax gets in there). This is the ring I found in mine. It's probably a $10 ring, but I don't care. It's pretty and I like it.

Diamond Candles are good-sized at 21 ounces, so it's going to last a while. At $24.95 with at least a $10 ring inside, it seems like a pretty reasonable deal to me. Plus, it's so much more fun than a regular candle! If you're going to burn scented candles anyway, they might as well have a surprise ring inside!

Scents include such yummies as Vanilla Lime, Pumpkin Chai, Cinnamon Tea, Birthday Cake, Pomegranate Lemonade, Misty Dawn and Lavender Lemon. And these are just a few. 

Right now, you can order a Candy Corn candle for a special deal--$14.95! Go to to order yours.

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