Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Meet Boston

cutie of the month!
Photo of Boston from PS I Adore You
Boston is a cute little guy, the nephew of one of my daughter Nicole's roommates. Nicole asked me to do a post about him, and I am hoping that sharing this story with you will help Boston and his family.

Unfortunately, Boston was recently diagnosed with leukemia. He is only 3 years old.

This month, Boston is the cancer cutie of the month over at P.S. I Adore You!

P.S. I Adore You is a blog written by three moms who are passionate about bringing more awareness of childhood cancers. As a mom who would like to up awareness of Type 1 Diabetes, I can totally relate to their cause.

Please visit their blog to meet Boston, read his story and find out how you can help meet the needs of Boston and other kids who are fighting cancer. P.S. I Adore You is teamed up with Millie' Princess Foundation to raise money to help Boston's family. Millie's Princess will match every donation made for Boston this month.

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