Saturday, December 14, 2013

Easy Thai-spiced Orange Chicken

How's the Christmas preparations going? I have one more thing to buy and then a bunch of wrapping to do, so I'm just about there. It can definitely get a little crazy!

That's why you need an easy meal. If this meal were any easier, you'd be served it by someone else who did all the work. While you sat with your feet up. Reading a great book. In complete solitude. {Que the easy button}.

This is my own recipe, sparked by my hubby requesting that I buy this bottle of Thai Kitchen Sweet Red Chili sauce at Costco. 

So, all you need is this:

And some chicken. Breasts, thighs, tenders....whatever you like or have on hand. I had some chicken tenders so that's what I used this time. I used 15 of them.

Okay, are you ready for the easiness?

Simply place your chicken in a greased baking dish. Take the orange and zest the whole thing right over the chicken. Then cut the orange in half and juice away right over the chicken with the zest. Now pour a healthy amount of Thai Kitchen Sweet Red Chili sauce over it all. Enough to have some to put over rice. You can see that I did not use the whole bottle. In fact, I'd already used that bottle for something else, so this recipe probably took about a third of it. Remember, it's a Costco-sized bottle. :)
Now bake the chicken, uncovered, in a 400 degree oven til done. For frozen chicken tenders, that was about 40 minutes. I'd plan on an hour for frozen chicken breasts. By this time, the sauce will be hot and bubbly, and a little thickened. Serve the chicken and sauce over hot cooked rice.

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