Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hello, Old Man Winter. Please don't stay too long...

Here's the view out my window this morning.

Certain people are happy about this, because it means our new snow blower can be put to use. The 16-year old boy in this house has been dying to use it first--last summer he even had dreams about using the new snow blower. Craziness! haha

I'm okay with the view outside the window. Who doesn't love the white stuff at Christmas time? What I'm not so okay with is the arctic blast that's going to hit after the snow stops falling in a couple of days. We're talking 20s for the high temps, and I feel like maybe I'm getting a little old for that part. {I admit it, I'm turning into a wuss}.

That calls for staying inside and baking...pumpkin bread? Pumpkin muffins? What do you like to bake when it's frigid outside?

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