Thursday, December 5, 2013

Missionary Christmas

I have a missionary out this Christmas (and the next, and then another missionary after that) so I get to put together Christmas packages for the foreseeable future.

A lot of ideas I saw came from other missionary moms who have done this before. They recommend sending stuff that missionaries need or would like to buy but often don't because of their limited monthly budgets. Since my son is in the states, it is easier to send packages than it would be if he were in a foreign country, so I pretty much sent whatever we thought he would need and enjoy, some of which he asked for.

His package includes:
a white shirt
a new tie
a V-neck sweater
a digital alarm clock/weather thermometer
a spiral-bound copy of the Ensign Conference issue (his idea--wish I'd thought of it myself)
a Costco-sized bag of Steak Strips (glamorized jerky)
a Costco-sized bag of Hi-Chews (his absolute favorite)
a stocking stuffed with toe warmers, candy and gum
a 3-D paper Christmas tree from the dollar store for fun
gift cards that he can use in his area

If you have a missionary out, what things do you like to send?

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