Monday, January 6, 2014

Bathroom renovation: Starting point

Hey there! As promised, I'm going to blog about the renovation of our main bathroom. Today's post will show you exactly what we are dealing with--so far as we know--before demolition starts tomorrow.

The first bit of renovating was done five years ago. This bathroom was a dark cave because there are no windows. When we had our roof redone, our contractor (same one is going to do the bathroom) suggested putting in some solar tubes because that's a convenient time to do it. We had one put in this bathroom and another in our kitchen to up the brightness factor in there. Best decision ever, and I wish we had done some more! Here's a shot of the solar tube:
It really makes it as bright as day in there. If you ever consider solar tubes, my advice is to go with it. You won't regret them for a second.

Here's a shot of our Brady Bunch-esque vanity. It's not only dark and plain, it's falling apart. We had the same cabinets in our original kitchen, and I was never so glad to see anything go away. The sinks are also a lovely brown.

More dark wood doors close off this built-in cabinet that sits behind the door and next to the tub. These are going away too. I'm thinking that I want some white doors that are set in to the opening instead of on top of it as they are now, maximizing the space behind the door as much as possible. I'm also considering leaving some of them open, because they go up to the ceiling. Also up for consideration are white doors with plexiglass insets, in a rainfall pattern like the new shower doors are going to be.

Above you can see the lovely brown tub that matches the brown sinks. Ugh. We haven't decided for sure what to do with the tub....epoxy it white? Or get rid of it and get a new one? It's redeeming point is that it's cast iron and solidly built, but the lasting quality of "painting" it white is in question. Anybody got experience with this? Please tell me in the comments. I'd love your input!

Here is the vanity close up. It's awful. I haven't bothered cleaning it recently because I know it's just going to the dump. What's the point?

The new vanity is going to be custom-built by a friend. Jeff and I agree on this, with one change: brushed nickle hardware.
So here's what is going to change in here:

1. The floor has some water damage and has to go. Vinyl will become tile.
2. Some of the wall around the tub/shower has water damage so the whole thing has to be replaced.
3. New vanity.
4. New tile--possibly new tub.
5. New lighting.
6. New hardware--faucets, shower head, etc.
7. The walls will be gray.
8. The toilet may move to the right a couple feet, depending on what the floor joists look like after the floor is torn up. If they allow, the toilet will move from right in front of the tub. The vanity will be shortened from almost 90 inches to about 60 in that case so the toilet can be on the same wall.
9. If the toilet can be moved, a garden tub (are they still called that? haha) might fit in there, with a shower next to it if we remove the built in cabinet.
10. Basically everything. :)

Demolition pics tomorrow or the next day. We aren't going to be surprised by anything, because experience with previous renovation has taught us that this house was built a little crazy. So stay could definitely (and probably will) get interesting.


  1. It's going to be beautiful! I can't wait to see the after!

  2. I think it’s better if you paint your tub white to make the whole bathroom look inviting and relaxing. And aside from that, it can also create an illusion of wide space.



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