Friday, January 31, 2014

To My Future Sons-in-Law

These are my beautiful daughters. I love them all so much, and like any mother, I want the best for them.

I've thought a lot about them growing up, finding a great guy, becoming mothers. I'm certainly not the best mother out there, but I've tried to teach them what to look for, how to love, how to be a committed wife and how to mother their children.

Their dad is, quite simply, one of the best men there is. Nicole is marrying age now and I've told her more than once to "find someone like your dad." By that I mean someone who puts his God, wife and family first. Someone who works hard. Someone who is committed. Someone who has 100% integrity in all he does. Someone who will love them and let them be who they are, but also won't let them walk all over him. (Because I didn't raise marshmallows. Each of these girls has a stubborn streak--some a mile wide!)

There's one thing I want to say to my future sons-in-law (my sons have heard this too), and that is, please protect yourself from things that will destroy your ability to really connect with and care for a beautiful young woman. I think the most horrible of  destroyers is pornography. It has been referred to as "a plague," and I believe it to be true. Here's what I tell my own sons (and daughters need to be careful too): Please don't fall victim to its clutches! It will entrap you and burrow itself deep into your psyche where it is tough to get it out.  I know that getting rid of it can be done, but it is easier to not have to root it out in the first place. Please keep yourself clean and fully able to commit to a beautiful young woman who will give herself to you for safekeeping. If you've been challenged in the past, break free. Because of the atonement of Jesus Christ, it can be done, and you can be as clean as pure water once again. This I know is true! 

Here are some excellent resources for anyone interested in learning more about the pornography plague and how you can fight against it:

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Overcoming Pornography Through the Atonement of Jesus Christ

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