Monday, March 24, 2014

Looks like.....a game of I Spy?

To help me blog, I try to remember to take pics of stuff (food, books I read, stuff I/my kids do) throughout the week. Then when I get ready to write a post I get my phone and check to see what pics I've taken before I decide what to write about. Sometimes I plan ahead.....other times, not so much. Taking and keeping pics helps keep me inspired. 

This morning I opened up my pics to find a couple of funny shots that I had nothing to do with, but they inspired me just the same.

 Love the wild look in her eye. Mia, ever the actress.

Evidently, she's spying on her little sister. I have no idea where I was. If Broadway doesn't pan out, she could probably put these skills to use.

Thanks to Mia for the fun surprise! 

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