Friday, April 18, 2014

Suck it up, buttercup.

That's a quote that was posted on the side of the road during one of Nicole's half-marathons. It's a favorite of mine because it's true. And today it's my mantra.

Kidney stone prescriptions. Fun stuff.
Over this last week to ten days, I've been not sleeping well. I fall asleep fine, but then I wake up and my mind gets racing and then I just lay there for hours.  I like my sleep. I need my sleep. So this has been frustrating.

Night before last, I got a whole two hours of sleep, and I was exhausted by 3:00 pm yesterday. Oh yes, I tried to take a nap, but I was at that point where I was too exhausted to sleep. I figured that I was going to self-medicate with a couple of Benadryl and hope that I could stay asleep all night. But when I went to bed, I thought for some reason that I should not do that, but take a little melatonin instead, so that's what I did. I call that inspiration, because had I taken two Benadryl (one can knock me out) I would have been useless when my hubby needed me.

At 2:00 am I was woken by my hubby, who was at first tossing around hard on the bed, then he started getting up and walking through the house. After a few minutes of this I asked him what the problem was. "I've got a bad pain in my left side and it hurts to lay down so I'm trying to walk it out," he said. Within five minutes, the pain was worse, so that he was really complaining about it, and he does not complain about stuff, so I knew it was bad. He begged, "Please get dressed and take me in somewhere." That meant a visit to the ER.

Fast forward four hours, a CT scan and numerous shots of narcotics later, and we knew what it was: a big ol' kidney stone, with a smaller one behind it. I've heard how horrible kidney stone pain is, and if you've heard it but not experienced it, just know it isn't a lie. It was not fun for him, poor guy!

So I'm running on a whopping 6 hours of sleep over the last 48 hours, but hey, I'm not the one having to pass a large kidney stone. There isn't anything else to do but suck it up--and pray for a quiet night tonight and a quick passing of that stone!

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