Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Tips for a healthy winter

Hi! I was asked to share my best tips for staying healthy during the cold months. This was great, because I do have some. With six kids (four still at home) and one of whom has Type 1 diabetes, I have had huge interest in keeping sickness out of the house. A diabetic is at risk of heading to the hospital for any virus--just because of the havoc it can cause with the blood sugars, ketones, etc. So I don't apologize for my bordering on germ-phobic ways. ;)

Anyway. Take a look at the pic above. Therein lies the key to my best tips.

#1. That bar of soap says, "Wash your hands. Wash your hands. Wash your hands!" This is the biggest thing we do as a family. It used to be me telling my kids to wash their hands EVERY TIME we or they return home from anyplace else, AND before eating. (Washing after using the bathroom is a given). But now my husband is a believer. He is often the first to say, "Wash your hands," as we walk in the door from anywhere, and washing his hands is the about the first thing he does when he comes in from work. (Visit Lanmom Originals for more pretty & all-natural handmade soaps just like the one pictured.)

#2. Water! Drinking enough water is SO important, and I swear by it. Especially if a stomach bug hits someone in the house, I tell everyone else to make sure they are drinking enough water. That's at least 8 8-oz glasses a day for an adult. I am absolutely positive that all the times that a stomach bug hit only one or two of us, and then no one else, is due to making sure we drank at least the recommended amount of water each day for protection. It really works.

#3. Vitamins! I take a multivitamin daily that has extra B-vitamins, but my kids like Emergen-C and will drink it daily. I know lots of people who swear by the extra vitamin C, and I think it does help, especially if you feel a cold coming on.

There you have it, my top three tips for staying healthy during the winter. Washing our hands and drinking enough water are two things that we actually do year-round to stay healthy, so I don't think these are things just for winter. And there are, of course, other things I do to help, such as letting my kids get fresh air every day, using disinfectant wipes on bathroom surfaces a few times each week, and keeping things clean. Not to mention the importance of healthy eating and exercise (Jared is great at both!). For some yummy energy-boosting recipes, check out the recipes at

What are your best tips for staying healthy in winter?

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