Friday, October 30, 2015

Zebra goes Pink

Everyone knows October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. In honor of that, Zebra sent me one of their special BCA pink pens to review and share here on my blog.

Zebra sent me their F-301 steel retractable ball point pen. Note that the outside of the pen is steel with pink accents, but the ink is not pink, it is black. The wide pink accent at the bottom is grippy and makes the pen easy to hold on to, it's also light and easy to use.

In short, the F-301 pen is pretty nice. I'm a little bit picky about my pens....I want my ball point to roll smoothly along, which this one does, and the ability to refill it is a bonus. Now, if I can just protect it from sprouting legs and going AWOL in the company of Mr. Nobody, I'll be happy. :)

A personal word about Breast Cancer Awareness--October is just about over, but if you haven't been screened lately, please get your screening done. I had mine a couple weeks ago, and got called back for additional diagnostics because of a "possible mass" on the right side. Gratefully, on ultrasound, it turned out to be cysts. That was a bit of a scary experience, and I find myself thinking of all the women out there who have that scare and it isn't just cysts. (My mother-in-law was one of them). My heart goes out to you! I'm definitely a believer in getting your screenings done.

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