Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Happy Birthday hobby shopping

Today is my Jared's birthday. He is now the ripe old age of 14! He is a unique individual...loves making things with his hands and doing hands-on types of activities. He has diabetes, but he doesn't let it stop him, as I wrote about here. For his birthday, he REALLY, REALLY, REALLY wanted a hobby R/C truck. Not some $30 version from Walmart...we're talking a Fancy Schmancy version. He searched and searched, and the nearest hobby shop selling specialized remote control vehicles was 20 miles from us. He got wads of cash from his family birthday party the other night (thanks, family!) and he was ready to buy. Here's what he came up with. I can't even tell you how happy he is. Put it together with a meatball sub lunch from Subway and a trip to Boondocks this afternoon, and he keeps saying, "This is the BEST! BIRTHDAY! EVER!"

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