Sunday, July 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Libby!!

Well, I don't know how, but it happened. My baby is 7!
Here's how her day is going down:
She woke up to this poster created by Sarah and Amelia
hanging in her room. It's complete with 4 ring pops (so she can share, of course).
She climbed into Mom and Dad's bed for cuddling (a weekend ritual)
and then opened her gifts: a new dress, sandals, and a kit to make
her own fairy tale book all about herself. :)
Each of the birthday kids in our house
get to go out to lunch with Mom (and Dad if he's around).
Today being Sunday, she and I will go out to lunch tomorrow. Her choice.
That means I probably have to eat Wendy's.
Tonight's menu is also up to Libby.
She chose none other than hot dogs, 
"egg salad" and melon, followed by cupcakes and ice cream!
"Egg salad" to Libby is actually potato salad, no matter 
how many times I try to explain the difference. Oh well. It's cute.

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