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Onion Crunch review & giveaway

The following post & giveaway is sponsored by Loeb's All Natural Onion Crunch.

Do you love fried onions? Onion rings? Everyone's holiday favorite, Green Bean Casserole? If so, you need to try Onion Crunch. Onion Crunch is all natural and made with 100% real onions. It's low in sodium, carbs (good for the diabetic around here), cholesterol, and is free of trans fats. A 2 tablespoon-sized serving is only going to cost you 40 calories. You can use it as a condiment on hot dogs, hamburgers, salads, pizza, vegetables, and as the topping on that infamous Green Bean Casserole, which I am definitely going to do this year.

I received a free 6 oz. container of Onion Crunch, along with five single-serving packets. Let me just tell you, those packets didn't make it through the day. As soon as my three teenagers (two boys, one girl) got home from school, all the packets were gone. They asked me what was in the packages and when I told them they asked to try it. The response from all three was this: "They taste like onion rings. I want some more." I tried them and they do taste like onion rings, only lighter in fat, which for me is always a plus!

My oldest son had been requesting that we have hot dogs for dinner (something I don't like to do often), and since the Onion Crunch bottle suggests putting it on hot dogs, we tried it. My teenage boys especially liked Onion Crunch on their dogs, and ate it for lunch the next day. I tried the Onion Crunch on a baked potato and liked it, but I think everyone's favorite way to eat them was plain, right out of hand.

Here in Utah, Onion Crunch is available at Associated Foods stores, such as Dan's or Dick's. Over the weekend, I saw a new display of it at my local Smith's Marketplace.

As the sponsors of this post, Loeb's Onion Crunch is giving away the same products I received for my review. Pictured above is the 6 oz. container of Onion Crunch, as well as five individual-sized bags.

**To enter, simply follow the Rafflecopter directions below. This giveaway will run through midnight on Thursday, October 18th. Winner will be announced on my blog on Friday the 19th.**
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  1. I have never tried these. they sound so good

  2. I would use it in casseroles, or just eat it. It looks so yummy!

  3. Really interested in trying this product!

  4. for all my veggies i would be using onion crunch

  5. I would use these in my green bean casserole.

  6. I would use them on hotdogs.

  7. would love to try it on my hotdogs and salads

  8. We LOVE it! We use it in salads, home made soups and recently all over potatoes too!


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