Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Playing around

For FHE last night, this is what we did. We played hopscotch!

Those are my feet. I should definitely have worn my cushy running shoes to hop around in instead of the ones I was wearing. Knees don't like hopping in crappy shoes.

Nicole and I laughed way too hard...mostly SHE was laughing at ME. I know, totally rude. :)

Typical Dad and Sarah...he is always teasing her and she dishes it right back.

Cute little Libby! She spent almost 4 days of last week being sick, so I am glad she is feeling better.

Truth in blogging tidbit: Family Home Evening isn't always this much fun at our house. Jeff and I hear a lot of this kind of stuff:

"So-and-so is touching me!"
"So-and-so is bugging me!"
"Do we have to have a lesson?!"

Once in awhile, it's fun to just get out and play. It was a nice change of pace.

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