Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Yesterday, politics. Today? Potatoes.

{This was Sunday's sunset. Isn't it amazing? The sky all awash in purple and pink. Such a gift.}

Yesterday I wrote about Senator Liljenquist, and a lot of people read it. Thank you! This is a race I'm really interested in, because he's the first candidate in my life who I truly have NO reservations about voting for. This is a rare thing in politics today, as you know, so I have to act on it. But today is not about politics...

Today is about one of The. Best. gardening tips I think I've ever heard. Last night, my friend and neighbor was kind enough to allow several of the ladies in my neighborhood to visit her garden and hear some of her best tips and ideas for growing vegetables. She is truly a many-talented wonder, and gave us some great tips.

I think the best one was about growing potatoes. We've grown potatoes almost every year since we've lived in this house, which is ten years. And now it's going to be even easier thanks to my friend's advice. Here it is. (Warning, it's a little bit of a shocker.)


What? For serious? Yes, for serious.

Get a big pot, about the same diameter as your arms make when you make a circle in front of you. You can put 4-5 starts (or seed potatoes)  in each pot you use. If you get a bigger pot, you can put more starts in it. Just put enough soil in the bottom of the pot to cover your seed potatoes. After you see sprouts and they grow about 4-6 inches tall, add more soil. Keep adding soil as the potato plants grow. This sounds a lot easier than hilling the potatoes in the garden. It's not something I ever remember to do often enough. Also, don't be like me and forget to remove the flowers from the potato plants. You'll get more potatoes if you remember.

Here's the best part, in my opinion. When fall comes, you no longer have to dig up potatoes you can't see and slice through about 30% of them in the process (really annoying). Lay out a piece of plastic and turn your pot or pots over on top of it. Now just sift through the soil to find all the potatoes. Does this sound easy, or what? So easy that we're doing it this year. I will definitely report on the results.

Thank you, Nona!! To see what else she can do, visit her Etsy shop. Her bead crochet is amazing!

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