Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Eight is Great!!

Happy Birthday to my baby, the caboose, and the peacemaker of our family. I tell her all the time, "You are the. BEST. kid!!" And I mean it. She's awesome.

This is her new birthday dress. (Kohl's-- 50% off!!) So dang cute, I couldn't pass it up. I love how cute she looks in it.

This is Libby shopping with her birthday money. She had lots of fun and bought some cute sandals that go with her dress. One tradition we have is that the birthday kid goes to lunch with mom. Libby couldn't bear to leave her most-of-the-time buddy Mia at home, so Mia came too. (That's the peacemaker coming out).

I usually make the birthday cakes around here (see this post for an example), but Libby wanted to go to the store and choose one this year. We found this sweeeet looking cake:

Happy Birthday to the. BEST. kid!! (Dear Other Kids, you're the best too. I really mean it. Love, Mom)

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