Monday, October 1, 2012

A product review that'll help you save face.

**Note: this is another of my own unpaid, completely personal product reviews. I bought the stuff, tried it, and I'm showing you the results because I like sharing information like that. It's how I roll.**

Remember my birthday post, when I admitted to having those pesky brown age spots around my eyes? (In all truthfulness, there are a few more than just around my eyes, but that's the worst spot). I really do not enjoy those spots, so I went on a quest to find something that would fade them without breaking the bank. Because although we have a lot of trees in this yard, not one of them grows money. But hey, we're rich in fruit! :)

I read in Good Housekeeping (I think?) that Garnier products for aging skin work well and were recommended by the magazine. I never argue a Good Housekeeping seal of approval, so I decided I would buy something Garnier, specifically something in the Skin Renew line that would promise to fade age spots. Most stores had it around $15, but I happened on some at Target, and it was marked down to $9. Needless to say, I made that purchase.

<<Before & After>>

Okay, so the pic at left was taken when we went camping at the end of July. The brown spots are pretty obvious there on the right side of my face to the outside of and below my eye. You can't see the other side of my face, but it was the same.

The pic on the right was taken two days ago, after using the Garnier Skin Renew lotion and sunscreen every morning for 2 weeks. The spots haven't gone away, but they have faded considerably! (I hope you can tell). Both pics are not edited in any way, and I'm completely makeup-free. *It's important to note that the bottle says you'll see results in 4 weeks--I've definitely seen great results in less.

This is the good stuff. If you want some and you have a Target nearby, I'd check there first. If it's still marked down, you'll save a good 5-6 bucks.

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