Thursday, November 1, 2012

Goodbye, Franken-thumb. And some serious haul.

It's time to say goodbye to Franken-thumb. That was my pet name for my stitched-up thumb, which looked like this:
I should seriously have painted that thing green yesterday. Oh well.

This morning the stitches came out. Now it looks like this:
Much better, but still a little strange. I'm a little nervous about ripping it open (I know, probably an unfounded worry) so I'm keeping a bandaid on it for a little longer. It feels great and doesn't hurt, but where the shot was given to numb it (around the joint) is still swollen and some of the skin is numb. That's weird too, but I suppose it will go back to normal some day.

In other news, my kids got a ton of candy last night. This is one kid's haul:

I'm not kidding you, it weighs 5 pounds. Multiply that by 4 kids who went trick-or-treating and we're talking 20 pounds of candy in this house. Man alive. No wonder I've got a MONSTER headache today.

See you later. I need a Coke.

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