Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It's a new year. Do you have a goal or two?

Or three? Or four?

My kids had a goal that they finished yesterday. The snowman above!

We have a tradition to build a snowman every New Year up on the hill above our neighborhood. The last couple of years, there wasn't enough snow, so the kids were really happy that this year there was. In spite of a temp of about 22 degrees, they fulfilled the goal and kept the tradition alive. Good job, guys!

I have a few goals in mind for this year. One is to keep working on this blog. Another is to write at least 3 paid articles 5 days per week. Another is to exercise 5 days each week--

{That's kind of a forced goal right there. Not really forced per se, because I've already been exercising but there is now extra motivation behind it. Jeff's employer is cutting healthcare costs for employees and their spouses who commit to better health by tracking exercise and eating habits. Not a bad deal for those who are already doing it anyway. Like Mr. Marathon Man Jeff.}

So, what are your goals this year?  

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  1. Great goals! Here is a link to mine!


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