Wednesday, January 9, 2013

There's always a silver lining {or, How Lemi Shine is still a miracle in a bottle}

Yesterday I told you about my leaky kitchen faucet. Well, let's just say the situation has progressed.

Because now I have no faucet at all. Hubby took it out last night, couldn't tell why it was leaking, and took it with him this morning to try and get it replaced. (It has a Kohler lifetime warranty).

In the meantime, a silver lining showed itself in my brain.

You see, in a past Lemi Shine review I told you how I discovered it could take the hard water scale off my sinks and faucet handles. As I looked at my lone, waterless handles and counter this morning, I realized they were pretty yucky again. Then I thought how they'd be easier to get at with the faucet gone. Then I realized I could use this to my advantage:

I could really show you how well Lemi Shine removes hard water scale.

So that is what I determined to do. I took the above "Before" shot and had a little fun over at Pixlr. (Just with adding the text. Both photos are not manipulated other than adding text). Then I got out my trusty Lemi Shine, a sponge and a cup of water and got to work. That's the thing about Lemi Shine though. It really isn't much work. In literally about three minutes, the situation improved to this:

If that doesn't speak for itself, I don't know what does. Let's just see that again:

If you all could take your finger and run it over the counter top around the handles, you would really feel the difference too. Before? Rough and gross. Now? Smooth as glass.

Now, if you still haven't bought any Lemi Shine, I hope you will! You won't regret it. (By the way, you'll find the best price at Walmart).

**Note: This post is NOT sponsored by Lemi Shine or anyone else. Just sharing one my favorite products yet again!**

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  1. Thanks, Chris. After first reading about it here, I tried Lemi Shine in my dishwasher which was not cleaning well at all. I thought I was going to need to have it repaired. Lemi Shine has it working like new. Great product!


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