Thursday, June 27, 2013

Real Life With Diabetes: #mincingwordswiththeinsurancecompany

#lifewithdiabetes #mincingwordswiththeinsurancecompany

Did I ever tell you the parable of the insets?

Insets are the contraption Jared uses to place a tiny catheter under his skin for insulin delivery. He has to change it every three days. This equals 10 insets per month at the bare minimum. This doesn't take into account the ones that get bent and don't work....the ones that get clogged and don't work....or the ones that just plain don't work. Most of the time, they work, but there's always at least one in a month that doesn't.

Enter #mincingwordswiththeinsurancecompany

When I call the diabetes supply and order "a 90-day supply," which is what I always used to do, we are delivered EXACTLY a 90-day supply. 30 insets. No more, no less. The problem with that is as I said above, there's always at least 2 or 3 or 4 of those things that go bad before they are supposed to be switched out. That means, we run out of insets before the 90 days are up.

Bad news. Insurance won't let me order early, and then we get charged a lot more when the insurance denies the extras. Or, I have to call and sweet talk the insets manufacturer into sending me a few pro bono. Yep, #beentheredonethat

BUT, lo and behold!!! If, when I call and order my "90-day supply," I don't say "90-day supply," but instead specifically request 45 insets, the insurance WILL COVER THEM. And then we have plenty. I can't even explain this craziness. It's all a word game sometimes.

It's really interesting how I had to discover this little secret only after about 5 years of using the insets.

And that is the parable of the insets.

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