Thursday, January 16, 2014

Inexpensive doesn't always equal cheap.

**This is a product review, done of my own accord, with no sponsorship by Revlon.**

My name is Christine and I am going gray.

If I didn't choose to keep my hair in a pixie, it wouldn't be as noticeable, because it's mostly all around my ears and the back of my neck. But I happen to prefer short hair on myself so the gray really shows. And Sarah is happy to notify me when my grays are showing. She just keeps me informed. :)

Several months back, I bought this:

I had used L'Oreal's Champagne Blonde in the Excellence line and I liked it okay. So in the store I picked up this one, thinking I'd try it. But it was so inexpensive ($3) that I doubted it. So it sat in my cupboard while I continued to use mostly L'Oreal, with one try of Clairol (which made my scalp burn so no more of that).

Well, it was time to color again--Sarah had told me a few times that my grays AND my roots were showing! I'd read some positive reviews about Colorsilk--how their colors are pretty true to the box, it's not as harsh, it covers all the grays--so I decided to pull out my #73 Champagne Blonde and give it a go.

I'm happy that I did.

I took this shot in the currently-being-remodeled bath. It has the best light.
No more grays around the ears--and I mean NO more. L'Oreal Excellence always covered about 90% of them, but Colorsilk got them all. I love the color and it seems to have turned out just as promised. If you're like me, you can't use any color that is warm or golden, because it pulls red. I can't even use a neutral shade without pulling at least a little bit of red. I like red, but it doesn't work very well with my skin tone. I like that the beige tones in Champagne Blonde warm up my ashy look (which is getting more so every year) without pulling any red.

My one complaint about Colorsilk? There is only enough of the awesome conditioner for one use. L'Oreal includes a whole tube of conditioner, which usually gets me 4 uses. It would be great if Revlon would increase the amount of conditioner in the package. I'd pay a couple more bucks for it. :)

All-in-all, I think Colorsilk is a great way to color your hair at home, and I will be using it again.

**I should note that my natural color is about a level 7-8 ash blonde (medium-dark). I had previously lightened it with L'Oreal Supreme Blonde in Extra-light Ash Blonde but I wasn't happy with the maintenance (roots & brassiness).**


  1. I like it! When I'm ready to do that you'll have to help me find one. ~Mo


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