Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Great Reads: The Angels of Pemberton

This is The Angels of Pemberton, a gripping Victorian love story and mystery woven into one. It's over 600 pages, but don't let that scare you--those 600+ pages go fast when you can't put it down. This is a family saga full of intrigue, betrayal and triumph over evil.

The setting for The Angels of Pemberton is the northern moor in Devon, England. It is both a wild and a beautiful place. Lynn Keiser's descriptions of Devon, the cliffs and the moor are well-written and make you feel as if you could picture them in your mind.

The Angels of Pemberton is the story of Adele Wakefield, the angelic heroine of the book, and her devilish sister, Vanessa. It is also the story of Charles Denning, the man who is torn between the two sisters and how each makes him feel completely different things.

Adele is the younger of the two Wakefield sisters. The girls' mother, Elizabeth, dies tragically after giving birth to Adele. The newborn Adele is not well either and it is believed she will die too. The girls' father, Laurence, in severe grief, takes Vanessa and leaves Devon. As a result, Adele is left to be cared for by the servants, who miraculously keep her alive. The servants vow to protect Adele and try to keep her from the eyes of the tenants and townspeople who would surely talk if they thought Laurence had abandoned his younger daughter. Meanwhile, Laurence believes that Adele did not survive.

One day, years later, Adele escapes the grounds of the estate and finds her way to the Pemberton Cliffs. The servants, realizing that they cannot keep Adele hidden forever, are finally able to reach Laurence and plead for him to return and care for his daughter. He is shocked to learn that she survived! He returns at once, remodels the estate (Rooks Haven) and then brings Vanessa back to stay. How will Vanessa and Adele react to each other, and what secrets does Vanessa hide?

The Angels of Pemberton is now available for Kindle at the amazing price of 5.99. This a great deal, because the hard copy of the book is five times that amount. If you love Victorian romances like Edenbrooke or Blackmoore, you will love The Angels of Pemberton too.

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