Monday, September 9, 2013

Master bedroom redo {drab to fab, part 2} and Happy 25th Anniversary to us!

Yesterday Jeff and I marked 25 years (a quarter century!) of wedded bliss. Some people might say that with a little sarcasm, but I'm not. It really has been the best decision I've made.

Last week I told you we were going to give our master bedroom a little makeover. This isn't the best before shot--since I forgot to do one with the room exactly the way it was--but this shows you the plain white walls I was really tired of. In this shot, you can see Jeff working hard on prep work. You can also see crap stuff piled up on our bed. We probably got rid of a third of that stuff when we put our room back together!

In part one of "Drab to fab" I also showed you the paint chip of the color we chose (Montpelier Ashlar Gray). I think everyone knows that the chip isn't ever exactly the same when you actually put it up on the walls, so you have to take your time checking the light and making sure you get what you really want.

I got exactly what I really wanted!

This shot shows you how the color looks with the light on.

And this one shows you the difference with the light off. The gray picks up more of a khaki sort of look. I'm happy with them both.

The other big improvement is the curtains. A better "before" shot would have showed you the old (original to the house?) fabric vertical blinds that were there. UGH! They were an off-white color and didn't block any light at night. It was WAY past time for them to go bye-bye.

Improvements yet to be made? I'm thinking the lamp next to the bed needs a red shade. The dresser is an antique from Jeff's grandma's house--it's getting special treatment with a nice bottle of wood cleaner and then maybe a little bit of a shine-up. Then we have an old, paneled solid-wood door that we are thinking about using as a headboard. The wood color is very close to the dresser. What do you think?

**We used Valspar Ultra paint + primer in this room and in our girls' room redo, and we liked it. The pics show you that it really does cover in one coat. Note that Valspar doesn't know me from Adam. This is my own opinion of their product. 

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