Friday, March 7, 2014

Living Room Makeover {let's see what some paint and better lighting can do!}

Since the bathroom renovation was finished, we've sat back and relaxed a little. Well, not really. We've just been busy with more normal stuff. You know how it goes!

After a little breather, now we're on to the living room. Cue the whiteness:
 Vaulted ceilings, beams....lots and lots of white in here.

Now cue the "Golden Eyeballs."
These are the lights above the fireplace. They are going bye-bye so that we can put in some white recessed can lights instead. Plus two more a few feet away so that we can up the lighting factor in here. We desperately need it. {Jeff is especially happy about that!}

This hallway is also going to be painted the same color as the living room and stairwell to the basement. Once again, we went with Valspar Ultra in satin finish. The color choice is Woodlawn Colonial Gray. It's in the same color family as the gray we did in our master bedroom, Montpelier Ashlar Gray, but a shade or two lighter and a little less of an earthy gray.

Once the painting is done, flooring is on the list for both the living room and hallway, but we haven't yet decided between carpeting or hardwood. We already have a lot of wood in there that isn't changing--the piano and Jeff's grandmother's china hutch, so that's why I am not sure. I certainly am not an interior decorator, and I wish I had some talent in that area.

Anyone gotten rid of carpeting and gone with hardwood? Do you love it, or regret it? I'd love your input!

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